Resonant Touch Bodywork

Carole Lenzini, Certified Massage Therapist, has a private practice in hands-on healing in Nevada County, CA since 1994.

Now in Sacramento too!
at 2430 K. Street, call for an appointment.

Carole's bodywork is effective for a variety of issues and symptoms (see benefits). Please feel free to call her with questions to see if her work is right for you!

Therapeutic Bodywork

Relax • Release • Renew

The body reflects our history, like a living, physical autobiography.

Our posture, how we move, and how we express speak volumes about how we live in the world. Beginning at a young age, we learn to hold back and hang on in our bodies in response to our environment, forming unconscious patterns of tension. Our bodies inform us of these patterns through physical sensation such as chronic tension, pain and lack of flexibility. An example of how unconsciously held tension can show up in the body is feeling low back pain without knowing why.

carole lenzini at work

Carole’s work increases your connection to your body.

With the natural healing of a highly trained massage therapist, she helps you develop an awareness that enhances your ability to notice subtle sensations and physiological changes. As you relax deeply and gain a greater “felt” sense of yourself, old tension releases, there is pain relief, and you experience a more fluid, lighter body that functions more efficiently and authentically.